Friday, April 24, 2015

January 2014

These are two characters from a story that originated in a dream that I elaborated on. The dream itself was simple, I was a person that was taken in by a large family that was different for they had ancient powers. A time skip happens and I am told that I am the chosen just as we all temporarily fuse together to form a large five-headed dragon. We shift back when we arrive at a cathedral, around its base are soldiers that have been severely injured sneering at us as we move to enter the stone building. In this procession I collapse but am held up by one of my compatriots and it cut out.
The story that came from it is a world of dragons that live among people who wear the guise of humans so that they can assimilate. The two main characters are the ones I drew, its more of an epilogue sketch when they are expecting their first children a set of twin boys.

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