Friday, April 24, 2015

2013 - 2015 Character Redesigns For Salvation/Redemption

As the title states character redesigns for a story I started years ago and am still working on.

2013 - 2015 Miscellaneous

A series of miscellaneous sketches that had no indication as to when I did them.

April 2015

Another self-portrait (I haven't posted all the ones I've done) that I did as a means of making a more visual resume. There's a full-color one that I might post later but for now the original sketch.

February 2014

One of two characters that I started designing for a little short story about vampires. His name has changed a lot but the story has stayed the same even through the drawing is incomplete.

December 2014

I had a bit of an obsession going one with scarves due to game I had been playing and I couldn't get it out of my mind until I went ahead and drew a character with this crazy long scarf.

September 2014

A sketch dump. A series of drawings I did at random with no stories behind them.

December 2014

A sketch that I did for fun while I felt like drawing something different from my usual style. It's goofy due to its simplistic nature but hey it was quick to draw which was the idea.

December 2014

Feeling inspired I drew this costume design. I had no character that it was intended for thus there is no face.

May 2014

This is another character inspired by a dream.
She's a bit of a rock-em sock-em that lives life on the edge in a world of neon on black fighting bizarre glowing beasts with her boxing gloves on chains that she whips around.

April 2014

A silly self-portrait that I did with a piece of charcoal that I plucked out of my firepit. Not sure why I did it since I tend to hate doing self-portraits whenever it's asked of me.

April 2014

A quirky set of characters that I had come up with on a whim playing off the synonyms for going on an adventure in addition to some characters that I had come across in shows growing up.
The female is Quest and the male is Venture, their designs are incomplete but I hope to finish them someday.

April 2014

One character that I was playing with as an experiment that is caught between two genders, for three-quarters of the month they are male and the last quarter they become female due to an ancestor that broke the rules of the realm to which they belonged.


February 2014

Character designs for my story Seven Kingdoms where demons have taken over the human world and have divided up the world into seven regions that each of the strongest reign over with a title of one of the seven deadly sins. It follows the daughter of the ruler of Sloth and youngest son of Wrath as they fight to conquer the seven kingdoms and unify them.

January 2014

These are two characters from a story that originated in a dream that I elaborated on. The dream itself was simple, I was a person that was taken in by a large family that was different for they had ancient powers. A time skip happens and I am told that I am the chosen just as we all temporarily fuse together to form a large five-headed dragon. We shift back when we arrive at a cathedral, around its base are soldiers that have been severely injured sneering at us as we move to enter the stone building. In this procession I collapse but am held up by one of my compatriots and it cut out.
The story that came from it is a world of dragons that live among people who wear the guise of humans so that they can assimilate. The two main characters are the ones I drew, its more of an epilogue sketch when they are expecting their first children a set of twin boys.

January 2014

Some character designs that I had come up with while listening to music. At the time, I had come up with the concept that they would be fighting in an animated sequence hence their simplistic design to facilitate an easier production period but it never came to fruition.

January 2014

A concept drawing for character Robin from my story that I have been working on for years it's supposed to be ceremonial garb. Not entirely sure as to how I'm going to work it in but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

November 2013


A character I created to stand by someone else's in another storyline.

June 2013

 Character Designs for a music video that has to do with following the rules laid out for us by society. It would follow the character over the course of their life as they do their best to follow these rules after being chastised as a child to avoid ridicule.That is, until adulthood when the stress becomes overbearing and challenges herself to jump over the line.
Regrettably this concept was put aside when I couldn't find suitable music for it, and even now I don't feel comfortable with trying to compose something for it.